Aggro Or Die!

OOR Releases:

Daniel Bruce – bass, Bobby Rad – guitar, J. Voltage – vocals,
Damien Gorecki – guitar, Aggro Eddie – drums

Aggro or Die! began in the late summer of 2005. With Jae Voltage on guitar, Aggro Eddie on drums, Eric Crouse on bass and Matt Bruce on vocals and guitar. Aggro began playing shows that same year. The band had many line up changes during its first few years as a band. The band independently released “Coming out alive” a 7 inch in the fall of 2007. And focused on touring around the Midwest and East Coast. By the end of 2009 the band would be faced with an unexpected change. Matt Bruce decided to leave Aggro or die! and asked that Jae Voltage take his place as the bands lead singer. And the band did exactly that. Aggro or die! is now: Jae Voltage as the bands lead vocalist, Aggro Eddie on the drums, Daniel Bruce and the bass, Damien Gorecki on lead guitar, and Bobby Rad on rhythm guitar. This has been the strongest line up in the bands history thus far. The band immediately booked another tour and headed out. Aggro tried a few times to independently release a record on they’re own. And suffered many unfortunate set backs. In 2011 Aggro or Die! decided to cut the shit and hit the grind stone and finished what they set out to do from the very beganing. With album in hand Aggro teamed up with Overdose on Records to release they’re debut full length album entitled “Summer Dies”. Aggro or Die! has been hailed as the ultimate band to have blasting your ear drums while coming up to a perfect front side grind. Aggro shows are sweat soaked and adrenline fueld showcases of pure radness. Aggro or Die’s sound can only be described as: Detroit hardcore nerd rage wood pushing concrete surfing radd reggae thrash punx!

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