A Warm Gun

OOR Release:

Poncho, Mough, Gary, Jason

The first incarnate of A Warm Gun began in December of 2004 with Maurice, Gary, Brandon and Jason.  The goal was to play DIY hardcore/punk mixed with thrash and when it isn’t fast-as-fuck its utter devastation.  AWG did a weekend tour with Dissystema, Magrudergrind, Nux Vomica and Swarm of the Lotus in February 2005.  Released split 7 with Magrudergrind in July 2005.  Toured for 15 days to the Midwest and concluded with a date in Canada in August 2005 with Dropdead and Complications. In May of 2006, Sean joined the band to play guitar. In July 2006, AWG released  it’s debut full length entitled “Panic In The Face Of Time” on Final Attempt Records in the USA, 12” vinyl and on Yellow Dog Records in Europe, CD version. With Sean joining the band the lineup was complete with Maurice, Gary and Jason still remaining and AWG toured the USA for 31 days and once again played shows in Ontario and Quebec Canada.  All dates were with Cobra Noir (x-The Black Hand, Ire) from Montreal, Canada.  In early 2007 AWG played For Real Fest and Smash Your Face With A Skateboard Fest…  In late 2007, A Warm Gun will have a new 10” entitled

“Escape”, both Misfire Records and Overdose On Records will be releasing this effort.  Dysphoria distro from Baltimore will be handling all the pressing of the artwork and packaging.  Good times…………

Myspace – www.myspace.com/awarmgun