Black Moon

OOR Releases:

Kelly – guitar & vocals, Phil – bass, Robert – drums

Raised on the early releases of Black Sabbath and Metallica, Black Moon is a riff heavy, metal band on speed. Their sound is a definite nod to the roots of metal while adding elements of stoner metal, doom, and hardcore. This meld of metal genres comes across naturally and Black Moon manages to do so without falling into sub genre categories like metalcore.

Their debut recording was released on DRP and Overdose On Records in June of 2006. The release was followed by successful touring, heavy rotation on major, regional radio stations, great online sales and positive reviews but the departure of their drummer, a founding member of the band, left the future of the group uncertain. In July of 2007 the band finally recruited replacement drummer Rich Buffum. A more professional mindset, new material and a lot of touring plans have arrived along with Buffum.

Black Moon hits the studio in August of 2007 to begin recording material for their next release. A sample of the next album will shortly be available at shows and online, distributed through the group’s labels and MySpace.

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