OOR Releases:

Ricky Ravioli – bass, Copstabber Dave – vocals, [Tesco V – who’s not in the band], Geoffy Bats – drums, Matt Stabber – guitar

Love drugs, hate cops? If the answer is yes, then Copstabber is the band for you!  They’re a hardcore / punk band from Washington, DC who write the catchiest songs about abortions, cocaine, and fucking cop’s wives that you’ve ever heard… because those songs are from the motherfucking heart.  The difference between this band and all those other scum baggy punk bands that you’ve ever listened to is that these guys make the music fun to listen to, not just funny…but fucking fun!  Buy “Stab ‘Em All”, get fucked up on amphetamines and you’ll figure out what to do from there.  For fans of The Dwarves, The Meatmen, GG Allin, Black Flag, Slapshot, and No Redeeming Social Value.

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