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M-3 Group Photo 2012

Gerry – Guitar, Ken – Drums, Al – Bass, Mike – Guitar, Rich – Vocals

Back in the 90′s there was a band from CT called Brutally Familiar. After a few 7 inches and a few tours the band, like most hardcore bands, fell apart. They did one reunion show in 2002 and swore that it was a one time thing… but that’s old news… here’s the current story…

In December of 2009 Mike, Gerry, and Rich from BF started talking about another reunion, only this time actually staying together and writing new material instead of just playing a show. Since it would not be the original lineup they decided to change the name of the band to M-13. Mike switched from bass to guitar, Al Pist was brought in on bass, and Ken, from Broken, was brought in to play drums. A set of mostly old BF songs was put together (along with a couple of Deacons songs and a P.O.E. song) and the new band was complete. New songs were written, and the band got louder, faster, and tighter!

M-13 Logo

In the fall of 2011 they finally decided to get the new material on record, and went to Empire State Recording in Brooklyn, NY to record a mix of new M-13 songs and some Brutally Familiar songs that had never been released. In January 2012 some of this material was released as the “13/HC” seven-inch, which Rich put out himself.

In late 2012 M-13 signed to PA’s Overdose On Records. Spring 2013 will see a seven-inch on OOR titled “Nowhere”. The record features two new songs as well as re-recordings of the Brutally Familiar classics “Cops Get Away With Murder” and “F.D.A.”.

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