Walk the Plank

OOR Release:

Ian Crocker – Vocals, Alex Reimer – Guitar/Vocals, Troy Cullison – Bass/Vocals, Chris Faust – Drums

Born out of the inspiration of the Washington D.C. Hardcore Punk scene in early 2010, comes the D.C. area’s newest addition, Walk The Plank. Continuing to carry the torch of the capital, Walk the Plank has brought back hardcore to its basics: loud, raw, brutal, and an “in your face” live show. All the passion and heart is left on that stage every night. In the short time they have existed, the band has toured relentlessly in the past year playing sweaty basements and dive bars up and down the east coasts. The band will be headed out west for a tour of California as well as touring Costa Rica in 2012.

The band recorded their first Self-Titled EP at Don Fury Studio with producer Don Fury (Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front, Sick of It All, Madball, GG Allin, Richard Hell) and have released a split with Chantilly, VA’s Better Kept Secret. They have also released a 7 inch split with South Africans Liberty Valance and Swivel Foot; and San Diego, California’s Methlabs.

The band will be releasing their Overdose On Records debut on 7 inch as a split with New Jersey’s Dead and Gone. Keep a look out for Walk The Plank in a city near you!

Bandcamp – walktheplank.bandcamp.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/walktheplankband

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