OOR-003Five Minute Freakshow
“Prove You Wrong” CD

Release Date: May 20th, 2006

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Five Minute Freakshow’s debut album on DRP/Overdose On Records, Prove You Wrong, is an intense combination of high-energy, time-changing beats and powerful, heart-felt lyrics. The band has created a chaotic blend of hardcore, punk and ska; drawing influences from bands like Assorted Jelly Beans, Gorilla Biscuits and With Honor. FMF’s quick and to the point songs transition through the different genres with a tight and technical sound to make a truly original style. Sincere lyrics attempt to find solutions to the world’s contemporary issues while in-your-face screams and group vocals keep up the intensity. Prove You Wrong is for fans of old-school and contemporary hardcore, thrash and punk.

Track Listing:

  1. Shes In Denial
  2. Maybe We Can Prove Them Wrong
  3. Guards Down
  4. Fmf Pt.2

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  5. My Own Fate
  6. Last Cup Of Kool Aid
  7. Hope Is All I Have
  8. Reason For Change
  9. Nothing Left
  10. Growing Up Moving On Letting Go


Trasher Zine

Truly a unique blend of Hardcore, Metal, Punk and Ska. Far Too many bands that mix styles, make the mistake of Doing one Metal song, one Hardcore Song, one Ska song, and one Punk song, Not taking into account that the listener may have a pure hatred of a single style and write off the band entirely. But Five Minute Freakshow incorporates all these styles in each and every song, creating a whole new style of their own, that not only is creative and a blast to listen to but so much more musically impressive than other cross-genre bands. Unlike other bands that blend genres, F.M.F. keeps the vocals consistently throat rippingly strong throughout this barrage of hardcore breakdowns with their half measures of Ska Riffs, so that the energy is never lost in a slow(er) melodic bridge. If you like Thrash, Power violence, metal, early/Modern Hardcore or Ska, There is something in “Prove You Wrong” for you. Every song (other than the Bonus track) has enough high energy to get you up and jumping. Two step, skank, circle pit or Spin kick yourself sick with Five Minute Freakshow. Definitely a band to check out.

Neo- Zine
Wow, what a neat CD. Five Minute Freak show blend HC Punk and Metal with a dash of ska. Immagine someone like the Accused or Cryptic Slaughter with jangly Voodoo Glowskulls breakdowns. You might even hear a Minor Threat moment in here. Yea, this has some real intensity to it. The music is light speed, sometimes near a blur. Everybody in the band contributes some innovative playing, and they all take the spotlight at different times to show their stuff. The singer sounds like he is shredding his throat to pieces with his torrent of scathing yet sometimes catchy vocals. These songs may fly right bye, but they leave an impression. This is music to get hyped up by. I’m jumping from adrenaline and I am having a damn good time. These fellows have no problem putting together a competent and attention gathering song that still has all of the power of a cyclone.