Common Enemy
“T.U.I.” CD

Release Date: June 16, 2006

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Finally the album you have been waiting for, the third full length from Common Enemy T.U.I. (Trashing Under the Influence). The fast music, in your face screaming, catchy choruses of this album represents skating, having fun, drinking, nintendo, zombies, and being true to yourself. Punk Thrash music has never tasted better, except when it’s served on a busted skateboard with a nice cold beer. Overdose On Records, DRP Records, Party Time Records, and Horror Business Records (Europe) pull together and unite to release this record. For fans of old Suicidal Tendencies, JFA, DRI or Vitamin X.
*Warning: Long exposure to this music may cause out of control partying, beer shortages, projectile vomiting, circle pits in your living room, late night skate sessions, and other spastic behavior…….. have fun with it ……*

Track Listing:

  1. One Up

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  2. T.U.I.
  3. Think For Yourself
  4. Heroes In A Halfshell
  5. 4 Wheels & A Board
  6. Drunk Fuck
  7. Beer, Boards, & The Crew
  8. Skate That Shit

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  9. I Give Up
  10. Get Tanked
  11. Shark Attack

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  12. Skate Of The Dead
  13. Park Scabs & Ramp Tramps
  14. Tear It Up
  15. Skate The Day Away
  16. Thanks, It Came As A Set
  17. We’re Thru
  18. Good-bye, So Long


Shinbone Magazine (Review By: Mike Staugaitis)
Holy crap! Where is my skateboard at? Oh, that’s right, it has been mothballed for nearly twenty years in my parents’ garage. Too bad since I was searching for it when I cued up Common Enemy’s “Thrashing Under the Influence.” They are purely an old school punk thrash/hardcore band from the early to mid-1980’s. The album kicks off like a raped ape hopped up on Red Bull and doesn’t let up until the final hidden track which is a slowed down lounge version of “Skate that Shit-Asshole.” The album’s 19 tracks clock in at a brisk 20 minutes. Only one song stretches past two minutes and the shortest squeaks in a six seconds. A good thing since this type of music is focused and one dimensional. Any longer and it would run the risk of wearing out its welcome. As it is though, it rolls in, rips your face off and leaves no trace. “One Up” is their signature track and also the opening track on the album. It sets the tone for the rest of the disc, which rarely waivers from the intensity and speed of that track. The band consists of Mikey (sore throat, outta breathe), Justin Enemy (six string, scream), Greg Disorder (four string, screams), and Tank (beat box). Mikey has since been replaced by Sonic, who was the band’s original sore throat. I can’t say what Sonic sounds like but Mikey is effective with his barking and screaming. He fits the style well. According to Common Enemy’s web site Mikey has moved on with his own band “Submarine Screendoor.” Common Enemy are interested in the important things — you know, like skating, beer, thrashing, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, shark attacks and more skating. These guys are fun and they don’t take themselves too seriously. And who couldn’t get behind their mantra of “Build Ramps, Not Bombs?” I have to mention the artwork of the album. It features cartoon skeletons thrashing, drinking and wearing shirts of the great trash and punk bands of the past like Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I., Black Flag and Circle Jerks. This band had me pining for my youth, much like last month’s self-titled release from Black Moon. There seems to be a resurgence in this type of no bullshit straigh- up thrash of the early 80’s with bands like Merciless Death and Municipal Waste having some success. Pennsylvania’s Common Enemy fit right in with the pack and could be in position to blow up relatively big. Like Municipal Waste, they seem to be drawn to shark on human action. Common Enemy has “Shark Attack” and Municipal Waste has “Terror Shark.” Coincidence? Who knows. Regardless, I dig them. Certainly not for everyone, but they do one thing and they do it well.
For Fans Of: Municipal Waste – “Hazerdous Mutations”, Merciless Death – “Evil in the Night”, Suicidal Tendencies – “S/T”, D.R.I. – “Dealing With It”
Featured Track: One Up

Maximum Rock N Roll #284 (Jan 2007)
Fast and snotty skatecore from deep in the heart of Pennsylvania. The vocals are obnoxiously screechy, and the tempo is upbeat and super energetic. They remind me a lot of the flurry of thrashy bands that SoCal has been producing over the last few years. Lyrically, it is all about hanging with your bros, skating, and drinking, and there is nothing wrong with that. I highly recommend grinding your way over to the local distro and picking this one up! (RC)

Save Your Scene Website (Italy)
Their main message is “Build Ramps, Not Bombs”, how can you think that they’re wrong?! This thrashing hardcore band from Pennsylvania is one of the most powerful, hungry and straight to your face sensation I got in my stereo in this last period. Common Enemy are basically all about going by skate and drink “as fuck” every single day. The drumming is unstoppable,ultrafast and instigate wild circle pits on all the tracks. I simply love their genuine and sincere attitude based on 1 minute long songs on how to grind that “shit” with their crew,be true to your self, Nintendo, zombies and so on. The Ninja Turtle’s song make me laugh as hell since it was the best think to watch in TV during my childhood as well eheh! Common Enemy reminds me of the first (more punkie,less metal) Bones Brigade stuff, Tear It Up and D.R.I. with some rare punkrock touch-so if you dig your mind in this kind of shit, go and search on-line this album – I’m sure you’ll love ‘em. If I’m not wrong these crazy dudes are going to realize a split cd with our Italian mates L.E.A.R.N. soon and hopefully we’ll be able to set up tour down here for the spring, so stay tuned guys! ( 5 out of 6 stars) -Aldo

Oh yea!!! This is good old fashioned HC skater punk. I luv it!!! It is fast. it is really fast!!! It still stays catchy enough. There are parts that will have you shouting along. There are parts that will really make you want to hop into a sweaty pit and hit somebody. Of course, you’ll probably also want to drink and skate. The singer has a really good strong voice that reminded some people in ear shot of the Rage Against The Machine style of shouting (not the rap.) Some of the songs have incredible build up. Some of them just spazz out from chorde #1. The constant is thrashing sound that will be attractive to any hard music fan. I found this recording to be really very pleasantly violent. It reminds me (as a lot of these kinds of bands do) of my youth, and the kinds of hyperactive juices that used to stew in my brain. This is the only kind of CD that could let those juices free. Just for kicks, you should check out their lounge version of “Skate that Shit!” It’s a keeper.