“Success At Last” CD

Release Date: 2006

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Overdose On Records and Party Time Records worked to together to rerelease this sweet CD!  A.N.S. was Defaced from Irving, Texas.  This cd is a re-recorded Defaced discography, with all the new material from A.N.S. The cd’s old school/skatecore sound is laying the foundation for what is to come from the band. This is the definitive cd of what it means to be anti new school.  Contains a full poster lyric sheet and amazing artwork throughout.

Track Listing:

  1. A Suit, A Tie, And A Gun
  2. Propaganda Machine
  3. Get Back To Work
  4. I Hate Bill Clinton
  5. Damaged Goods
  6. Drafted (In the Abercrombie Army)

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  7. Police Rag
  8. Fight For Something
  9. Helene’s A Bitch
  10. Pay Attention
  11. Nixon’s The One
  12. I Don’t Want To Go To War
  13. Locked Up
  14. Chester
  15. Hussein’s Insane
  16. Skate Nazi
  17. Herman The Amazing
  18. Sex Addict
  19. Castro’s A Capitalist
  20. Don’t Hate (Go Skate)
  21. We’re Coming For You
  22. Proud To Be The Future
  23. 30 Seconds
  24. I Hate Bill Clinton (demo version)
  25. Bush’s Answer To Everything
  26. Grow Up
  27. Texas Pride


Trasher Zine
Between the killer riffs and the sort of Mike Muir sound, I found it hard to just not drop everything and skate. A.N.S.’s ability with “Success at Last” to express the views and ideals of the band without a hint or care for repercussion, is amazing. It is what it needs to be, and with that said the cd simply rips. Titles such as “Get Back To Work” and “Fight For Something” relate to all of our readers in our meaningless lives. It promotes for ideas to do something different, or at least in a sense just worth while. Hailing from Texas, the stereotypes of hicks and such need not apply here. The music is complex yet simple, the words are direct and yet not pushy. It is very well balanced when looking for a good skate band and A.N.S. should always come to mind. This band has their shit straight and this cd is by far the best album I have heard to play while tearing up the local ramps.