OOR-016Common Enemy
“Living the Dream?” CD / LP

Release Date: September 9th, 2010

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The masterpiece “Living The Dream?” is the result of Common Enemy’s long time line-up and new vocalist Gary Critical’s instant writing chemistry. Producing 20 Punk Rock anthems about Skating, Partying, and Politics for 2009, the band invited Suicide Machines/ Hellmouth singer Jason Navarro to the party to guest on the title track. The formative years started in 1997 by brothers Tank on drums and Justin on guitar. Focusing their beer goggles in 2004 with the edition of Greg Disoder on Bass and releasing the acclaimed “Late Night Skate” CD. Touring road miles, empty beer cans, broken decks, and members numbers all mounted, CE started gaining a fanatical and frenzied fanbase that was finally sticking to their grip tape. Treking all over North America and 3 trips to Europe to support “Late Night Skate” and the follow-up “Thrashing Under The Influence” aka T.U.I have cemented CE their well respected place in the DIY Punk scene. “Living The Dream?” will be an instant underground classic!

Track Listing:

  1. Still Having Fun
  2. The Thrill Will Kill
  3. We’re Under Attack

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  4. Living the Dream? (featuring Jason Navarro of Hellmouth & The Suicide Machines)
  5. Beer Bong
  6. To the Left
  7. Warped in World 8
  8. Hey Kid, Wake Up
  9. Nothing’s Wrong
  10. My Board, My Rules
  11. Pac-Man Fever

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  12. Thrash House Party
  13. Police Story
  14. Just Another Enemy
  15. Party Harder
  16. Never Enough
  17. Shut Your Mouth
  18. Bail Out
  19. Syphon & Destroy
  20. Standing in Line


Scanner Zine (Review By: Steve Scanner)
Imagine the words snotty, belligerent, boisterous, degenerate, scathing, relentless, profane and arrogant all put to the sound of a punishingly fast as fuck Punk Rock blast and you’ll have an idea of the cantankerous commotion these four fellas outta Pennsylvania spit out. There’s 20 songs here, totaling less than 28 minutes covering topics like partying, beer, skating, zombies, partying, computer games, the mundanity of the daily grind and partying some more. Only ‘Police Story’ (a veritable cracker), ‘Never Enough’ and ‘Shut Your Mouth’ show any socio-political leaning. Musically this is fast, uncompromising HC that welds the frivolous ferocity of ADRENALIN OD with a PENNYWISE bluster. Vocalist Gary Critical has one of the most petulant voices heard in years, mixing ‘Very Proud Of Ya’-era Davey Havoc with the noxious growl of Stza Crack. Highlights include the title track (featuring Jason Navarro outta SUICIDE MACHINES), ‘My Board, My Rules’, ‘Beer Bong’ and the locked in Thrash of ‘Just Another Enemy’. Blazing ‘core with enough breakdowns to prevent it being too one dimensional. Excellent art work also.

Uber Rock (Review By: Darrel Sutton)
Blasting straight out of the mid-80’s, even though they’ve ‘only’ been around since ’97. Reading, Pennsylvania’s Common Enemy unleash 20 songs of skate punk that brings back fond memories of scene legends Cryptic Slaughter and DRI in their heyday. Never slowing below breakneck speed (not one track clocks in at over 2 minutes) and never without tongue firmly in cheek, songs like ‘Beer Bong’, ‘Pac-Man Fever’, ‘Thrash House Party’ and ‘Syphon And Destroy’ will have you flailing around in pissed-up ecstasy and digging out your white Hi-Tec bumpers and cut-off t-shirts. Jason Navarro of The Suicide Machines/Hellmouth even gets in on the party to sing on the album’s title track. If Britain had any semblance of a decent summer this would make the ideal soundtrack to a good barbeque piss-up. This type of musical crossover is hardly going to be deemed original but equally its never going to be boring, and ‘Living The Dream?’ is definitely worth checking out if you yearn for the glory days when ‘Convicted’ and ‘Dealing With It’ were on everyone’s turntables.

www.punkrocktheory.com – (Review By: Thomas Dumarey)
I don’t know these guys personally so I can’t say whether or not they’re living the dream. But I do know for sure that this Reading, Pennsylvania outfit is having fun cranking up their amps. “Living The Dream?” boasts a whopping 20 songs (none of which last longer than two minutes) of pure unadulterated skatepunk fury that’s imported straight from the 80s… think DRI. They play ‘em so fast you’d think they had somewhere else they’d rather be and kill it on every single track. There’s room for a little bit of social commentary (“We’re Under Attack”, “Police Story”) but you’d be hard-pressed to find anything serious in songs like “Beer Bong” and “Pac-Man Fever”. Good times though!
Score: 7.5 out of 10

Rock N Roll Experience (Review By: Bob Suehs)
Musically, every song is less than a minute & in most cases, each song is just barely over a minute long, the vocals are garbled & screamo, the guitars are grainy & gritty, the final mix of the recording is clean, but the band is a skate punk styled rock band that’s got aggression by the boat load, every song is basically the same fast paced, boom/boom/boom, balls out, fast paced, in your faced flurry of rock frenzy! This cd is just barely 27 minutes long, it has 20 songs & it’s a fast paced, in your face rocker that’s worth checking out if you like a band like D.R.I., a great mix of punk music & skate style. I dig the cover for this cd too because it’s a wrap around cover, if you open the front & back to make one large cover, you get a cool mural of artwork that’s part Cracked, part Mad magazine, part Thrasher!
Rating: 5 stars!