OOR-019Disaster Strikes /
Bring Down the Hammer
Split 7″ & CD

Release Date: July 2010

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Disaster Strikes Artist Information Page
Bring Down the Hammer Artist Information Page

The new split 7” from Disaster Strikes (Boston, MA) and Bring Down the Hammer (Tulsa, OK) scheduled for official release on January 1, 2011 unites two of the most politically active hardcore bands in the United States on one killer new marble-colored vinyl release from Overdose on Records.

Both bands are well-known for their focus on worker justice and for their genre-defiant song writing.  Both blistering sides of the new split (MP3 download card included) spotlight a range of labor and social justice themes across nine tightly executed tracks.

Together, this split from Disaster Strikes and Bring Down the Hammer is an essential pick-up for punk enthusiasts seeking a record with unrelenting musical aggression and lyrical intelligence.  The bands offer – with urgency – an unapologetic appeal for workplace solidarity at a time when unions and the working class are struggling to survive in the face of increasing corporate power.  No punches are pulled here against the bands’ shared enemies – including executives sabotaging universal healthcare access for workers, and religious fanatics purveying oppression in lands both near and far.

Through a unique pressing process, each limited-edition marble splattered record is 100% unique.  No two records are alike.  The release features exclusive artwork from Amy Toxic, and in keeping with the bands’ solidarity-driven messages, the full-color jackets are 100% union-made by a domestic unionized print shop.

More about the bands

Disaster Strikes is a four piece political hardcore band from Boston , MA with previous releases on Alternative Tentacles and Rodent Popsicle Records.  This collaboration with their good friends Bring Down the Hammer and Overdose on Records (founded by frequent DS tour mates Common Enemy) is their first-ever split 7”.  DS tracks on the split 7” were recorded with Boston underground legend Richard Marr (Naked Aggression, Toxic Narcotic, A Global Threat) and mastered by Jeff Lipton (Dead Milkmen, Meat Puppets, Agnostic Front, Dropkick Murphys, Sebadoh).

Bring Down the Hammer is a three piece thrash band from Tulsa , OK formed in 2006 out of the ashes of several other thrash, punk and experimental bands, including Brother Inferior.  The new split 7” with Disaster Strikes is their second release – the first being a full length CD on Know Records out of Long Beach, CA.  For this release, Bring Down the Hammer recorded at Valcour Studio in Broken Arrow , OK with the affable Hank Charles (Credits).

Track Listing:

Disaster Strikes Side

  1. Sick To Death

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  2. Faith In Fiction
  3. You Own The Past, But Not Today

Bring Down the Hammer Side

  1. Get Rid of the Gradient
  2. A Butchery Most Sacred

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  3. Walking on the Bottom Line
  4. Public Hands – Private Hands
  5. The Economics of Scarcity
  6. A World in Common

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Razorcake #64 (Review By: MP Johnson)
Hardcore shows are great when you’re in a basement and it’s close to a hundred degrees and humid and you’re soaked in sweat and thinking you want to leave, but then a band that you’ve never heard before starts playing and instantly you’re smiling and waving your fist around in the air and singing along to songs you’re learning on the fly because they’re perfect and the moment is perfect, and then it’s over and you try to tell your friends how great it was, and they don’t really believe you because they did leave, choosing to go to the gas station and get 40s instead of watching Disaster Strikes play the three fucking anthems on their side of this split and more. Bring the Hammer Down = faster and growlier, but the same spirit. Bet they’re fun in a hot basement too.