OOR-026Walk the Plank /
The Dead and Gone
Split 7″

Release Date: March 31st, 2012

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Walk the Plank Artist Information Page
OOR-026The Dead and Gone Artist Information Page

Following countless shows together (including tours), Washington DC’s, Walk The Plank and New Jersey’s, The Dead & Gone’s release of a split together was something that was brewing for a long time. A mixture of everything that is great about punk, hardcore, and rockabiliy in 4 hard hitting tracks. From Walk The Plank’s in your face raw hardcore assault to the giddy up speed and precision of The Dead & Gone, disappointment is not an option. The Split 7 inch is volatile yet fresh. Quick and to the point, you’ll be sure to enjoy.

This vinyl comes with a digital download card to download the entire record.

pressing info: 500 Solid Green, There is also a mistake at the pressing plant that has put labels of each band on the wrong sides.

Track Listing:

Walk the Plank Side

  1. No Ears
  2. Nothing in Common

The Dead and Gone Side

  1. If Danny DeVito took Propecia He’d Look Like Andy Diamond
  2. Sorry Kiddo, Witches Don’t Survive Witch Trials

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