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Assert are true survivors; having formed in 1994, they have lost two band members along the way; drummer Chris Burleigh and bass player Johnny Sinister (who famously used to play naked), but this has not stopped them carving out a niche as one of the most respected live acts in the genre. Mixing an explosive cocktail of punk, hardcore, thrash and rock Assert detonate onto any stage in any environment. They have played all over Europe with very big name bands. Many acts would love to have the genuine street credibility that this band have (front man Britt is a fighting fit veteren of the late 70's early 80's scene) and the loyal following they enjoy. Assert have released records in the U.K. mainland Europe and the U.S.A.; there is no exaggeration in stating that this band are the living embodiment of all the respected ideals/ethics/imagery of hardcore punk and rock without the inflated egos to match; an inspiring honest band. A major rock magazine once described Assert as 'one of the most explosive live acts the U.K. has ever produced'. This is an Italian band who breaks through all barriers.

1. Set the Place Ablaze
2. United Cities
3. When A Mother Dies
4. Everything Turned Black
5. Tyrannical Statues
6. M.R.S.A.
7. England Belongs To Them
8. Black Hole (of Calcutta)
9. Icarus
10. A Bloodied Nose
11. The Unpalatable Truth
12. Go To Hell
13. Patriotic Masturbation
14. Fight Tonight
15. Steal Our Values
16. Hardcore
17. Anti Nazi (or Apologist)
18. Clampdown

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