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Many bands sound angry. Many fewer of them actually are. With Year of the Pig, however, I buy it. I buy it completely. They certainly have enough to be angry about, being from Detroit, and given the political/socio-economic bent to their presented rage, there's nothing about it that strikes as a put on or disingenuous in any way. They're pissed. Seriously!

On the six track Year of the Pig EP (released through Spider Cuddler Records), the trio run through raging anti-corporatism and sub-Marxist commentaries. The lyrics - printed clearly and distinctly when you open the jewel case; clearly meant to be seen - being almost if not equally central to the music in terms of Year of the Pig getting their point across. With lines like "Primetime they evangelize and pray that our minds remain devoid," there's little danger of the audience not getting it, as guitarist/vocalist Vince Williams (ex-7,000 Dying Rats, The Christpunchers) spits fury in the direction of the capitalists who have, admittedly, eaten our world alive, backed by the jabbing barks of bassist Hank Pardike and the technically precise yet somehow passionate drum work of John Lehl (both ex-Diegrinder).

Pardike and Lehl have a tightness to their playing that underscores their years together in bands, and in Year of the Pig, they're a huge portion of what makes the self-titled work. Lehl's timely hi-hat hits in the intro of "Incinerator" bolster the beginning of the track and pave the way for Williams memorable lead lines to come. Throughout Year of the Pig, he doesn't show himself to be a soloist in the shredding sense, but Williams leads on that song are what make it a highlight of the EP (there are several others), and Lehl and Pardike give him enough dynamic space so that he can shine where appropriate and be bolstered as necessary.

1. Sorry About the Blood
2. Televised Charade
3. Humanicide
4. Annual Percentage Rape
5. Incinerator
6. Things Dad Yelled Drunk

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