Aggro or Die! -Summer Dies CD


"Summer Dies" is the first full length by Aggro or Die! It was written to describe what it's like living in Michigan's, Detroit area all year long from summer to winter and back again. While Hardcore punk is at the root, Aggro or Die! has it's own unique brand of heavy metal and surf/thrash that ride this record out from start to finish. If you dig the sounds of punk bands such as Black Flag, Agent Orange, Minor Threat and also dig on metal, like Black Sabbath, Venom, even what Metallica used to sound like before the 90's, then there is simply no reason not to give this record a spin. Songs "Punch out!!" and "See You Next Year" are definitely on the brighter side, while songs like "8-Bit (I.D.K.F.A.)", and "Escape the Suicide Season" show you just how dark Aggro or Die! can really be. As a debut record, this is a definitive must have for both punks and thrashers alike!

Comes with a 9.5" x 14" poster.

1. Intro (Aggro Or Die) ...
2. Rat Bones Tearing Up the Blacktop
3. Insecure
4. Say Hello To "M.A.R.V.I.N." For Me
5. Waste Away
6. Fuck Febuary
7. 8-Bit (I.D.K.F.A.)
8. Punch Out!!
9. Cocktail Party
10. Dead End Kids
11. Summer Dies
12. See You Next Year
13. Escape the Suicide Season

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